Jamun Honey 250g



Key Features:

  • Distinctive Flavor: Our Jamun Honey offers a distinctive flavor profile, with hints of tangy sweetness derived from the luscious Jamun fruit. It’s a taste that sets it apart from traditional honeys.
  • Pure and Natural: Raw Valley is dedicated to providing you with the purest honey. Our Jamun Honey is free from additives, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners, allowing you to enjoy the genuine goodness of nature.
  • No Added Sugar: We believe in letting the natural sweetness of Jamun shine. Our honey contains no added sugars, ensuring you savor the authentic taste of this unique fruit.

Package Information:

  • Quantity: Each jar contains 250 grams of Jamun Honey, providing you with an ample supply for various culinary uses.
  • Jar Dimensions: The compact jar measures 40 x 40 x 100 millimeters, making it easy to store in your kitchen.
  • Country of Origin: Our Jamun Honey proudly hails from India, a land celebrated for its diverse and natural treasures.


Delight in the rich and unique flavor of Raw Valley’s Jamun Honey. Sourced from the heart of India, this exceptional honey captures the essence of ripe Jamun fruits, resulting in a distinctive and naturally sweet experience.


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